Computer Network Management

Computer Network Management
Instructor : Kiarash Mizanian

Yazd University, ECE Department
Credit: 3 Units
Students: Graduate
Course Code: 22-24-010

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The main objective of this course is to make acquainted the graduate students with fundamentals of network management concepts, architectures, and protocols. This course provides an introduction to both theoretical and practical aspects of computer networks and systems management including architectures, protocols, standards and also current related research topics. The students will have the chance to work with network management tools and applications and also be familiar with current research efforts on network and system management.

  • Introduction to Network Management
  • Network management standards
  • Network management architecture
  • SNMPv1 Network Management
  • SNMPv2
  • SNMPv3
  • Remote Monitoring: RMON
  • Network Managements Tools
  • Authentication, Authorization, Accounting
  • NTP, Syslog
  • PPTP, PPPOE, HotSpot
  • Telecommunication Network Management
  • New Trends in Network Management
  • Finding OIDs in windows for Disk Usage, Memory Usage, Cpu Usage and working with GetIF
  • A simple SNMP server Application that counts stars
  • Alarming a SNMP Trap with a SMS and reseting the device by a SNMPset
  • Working with a SNMP Graphing tool like MRTG
  • Syncing a Cisco Router and Mikrotik Router and a Windows Server with a NTP Server
  • Enabling Syslog in all devices and logging in a Database
  • Central Authentication For Cisco and Mirkrotik Routers
  • Enabling Authorization and Accounting for Cisco Routers and Mikrotik
  • Enabling PPTP and PPPOE server for Cisco and Mikrotik
  • Working with Radius Attributes like Fixed-IP-Address and BW limitation
  • Enabling HotSpot on a Mikrotik Router
  • Securing Access to Routers
  • Killing Remoe Access Users by SNMP
  • Working with a TMN
  • 25% Class Activity
  • 10% Quizzes
  • 30% Assignments
  • 5% Presentations
  • 30% Final